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Dr. Putt Newsletters -- back issues

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Spring 2012
Idea of the Year: Extending the Line on the Ball in Putting

Fall 2010
The "No Look Putt" -- Dr. Putt's idea of the year!

Spring 2010
1) Dry shooting in basketball and dry swinging in golf
2) Playing through physical adversity
3) Tiger's Return (again!) and mental self-image

Summer 2009
1) Where to Focus When Striking the Ball
2) Putting and Risk Aversion
3) Tiger Back on Tour -- Welcome to My World Tiger, at Least For a Few Weeks

Summer 2008
1) What Rocco Does Not Know
2) To Release or Not Release
3) The Tigerless Tour

Summer-Fall 2007
1) What You See Depends On Where You Stand
2) Tiger and Records
3) Tiger and Tempo

Winter 2007
1) Taking Note of Your Swing
2) Getting a Grip -- product review
3) Best Full Swing Article of the Past Year

Fall 2006
1) Today's Fairways Are Yesterday's Greens
2) The New Classic Putter
3) Best Putting Drill of the Year

Spring 2006
1) Putting and the 2006 Masters
2) God and Putting
3) Consumers Reports Rates Golf Balls

Fall 2005
1) "The New Way to Putt?" Not Exactly New!
2) "Be Your Own Stimpmeter" and Dr. Putt's "Reference Putt"
3) Rehearsal Swings and the Actual Swings -- A World of Difference

Summer 2005
1) Putting -- distance or direction?
2) The in-line putting stroke
3) Tiger and the apple of knowledge

Winter 2005
1) Putter test and the EOB Aiming and Alignment Device
2) Why we are never satisfied -- and why that is satisfying
3) Listen to your body -- Dr. Putt didn't and is paying the price
4) Tribute ot Moe Norman
5) Best advice to take from 04 to 05

Summer 2004
1) Getting Help and Watching Tiger
2) Tribute to Althea Gibson
3) Scottish Golf -- More than Just a Place

Winter 2004
1) The Quiet Eye and the EOB Putting System - all a matter of focus
2) The Pelz "O-Ball" and a "do-it-yourself" alternative
3) Looking for a new swing? The "Simple Golf Swing" - another alternative to consider

Summer 2003
1) Set-up routine - getting you through hard times
2) The perils of the forward press and the woes of Tiger in 2003
3) The most important shot in golf - it depends!

Spring 2003
1) Vision - hitting a target that appears to be moving
2) Effort in practice and play - the paradox of less is more
3) Annika - where your game is likely to fail first under pressure

Winter 2003
1) Putting tip for the winter greens
2) Keeping it on the line
3) Time for basic change?

Summer Fall 2002
1) Putting tip for the fall - beware of thinning grass!
2) Time to take stock!
3) The white hot 2-ball putter - is it for you?
4) Ryder Cup thoughts

Fall 2001
1) Newsletter Putting Tip
2) Reviews of Dave Pelzís "Putting Bible" and the "Double Connexion"
3) Things to come in "Dear Dr. Putt"

Winter 2001
1) stretching and strengthening
2) Practice your turn in front of a mirror each day
3) Putt over the quarter

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