The Ideal Christmas Golf Gift

Here is the perfect Christmas golf gift! Dr. Putt suggests that you give a Christmas golf gift that keeps on giving what every player wants all year round: LOWER SCORES! The EOB Alignment Device and Putting System comes with a fully illustrated book, Five Steps to Better Putting. It is designed for your busy Santa -- it only takes a little time to learn and keep sharp.

This Christmas golf gift keeps on giving. You can visit Dr. Putt at Dear Dr. Putt for his sage and witty golf advice and instruction on how to best utilize the EOB system and device -- sent personally by email, and confidentially, if you desire.

Perhaps the best thing about the EOB system and device is that it takes the guess-work out of putting. The player can see the line of the putt every time and then you will putt the ball along that line because of the dynamic optical features built into the device. S/he can concentrate on the things that make putting fun: reading the break and speed of the green.

The special Internet Introductory price makes this a very affordable Christmas golf gift -- and it is GUARANTEED to please! We will even ship it to a different address if you wish. So forget the scarf or tie -- give your golfer something s/he will really use and love. Hurry to the order page so the package will arrive in time for Santa to include it in his bag!

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