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Mental Game: Same Swing in Practice as in Play

Dear Dr. Putt:
Why can't I manage to swing as well on the course as I do on the range? I really hit the ball on the range and then on the course I feel like I have a totally different swing. I really feel like I could shoot in the 70s, but with all the inconsistency that strikes me on the course causes my dreams of 70s turn into 90s. I am about ready to give up on the game! Call me Mr. Inconsistency

My Dear Mr. I:

Dr. Putt actually has already published one good approach to this very common problem. But you probably did not find it because it was listed in the letter index as a book review rather than a letter on improving swing consistency or the mental game of golf. So just go to Book Review on The Double Connexion, which presents a way to get a consistent swing that can be taken to the course from the practice range. The key idea is to distract yourself letting your body do what it has learned through repetition. Yes, it really works! Dr. Putt uses this method and it has markedly improved his consistency.

So take a look and give it a try and next time perhaps you will be Mr. "C." Keep Dr. Putt informed!

Dr. Putt

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