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Straight Line Putting Path

Dear Dr. Putt:
I have a terrible habit of taking the putter back inside. As you can imagine, this causes me to be very inconsistent. My handicap is 2 and I feel that if I could become more consistent with the putter I could lower it considerably. Do you have any suggestions to help me overcome this. I have had this problem for quite a while.

Thanks for your help.
Cloyd O'Dell

My Dear Cloyd,
Dr. Putt is happy to hear that you want a straight line swing path. That is a much simpler swing than the arc path that some players utilize.

If you are attempting to execute the swing by tilting your shoulders with the hands and arms just following along (what Dave Pelz calls a "dead hands" swing), then two things have to happen to create the straight path you desire. First, your hands need to be directly under your shoulders. Check this out in a mirror.

Second, you must execute the swing by tilting the shoulders up and down rather than rotating them around your spine. Dr. Putt would surmise that you let some rotation slip in when you see that inside putter path on the back swing.

Work on tilting at first by just putting your palms together and pretending you have a putter in your hands. Assume your putting stance and watch where you hands go as you execute some strokes. You can lay a 3 foot piece of 2 x 4 on the ground or if you are indoors, use a line on your floor as a reference. If you tilt rather than rotate, the hands will go in a straight line.

Then add the putter and watch some more. After you feel confident watching, close your eyes and lay the 2 x 4 about an inch inside the heel of your putter. You should be able to execute the swing without touching it.

If you work on this a little each day for several weeks you should be able to perform the desired motion consistently when you play. Be patient, because old habits are hard to break.

Once you get it, you should be on your way to scratch golf! Please let Dr. Putt know when you get there!
Sincerely, Dr. Putt

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