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Aiming and Hitting where You Aim
Anxiety and the Case of the Shrinking Hole
Balance and Seams on Golf Balls
Book Review: Dave Pelz's Putting Bible
Book Review: The Double Connexion: How to Get Your Game from The Practice Tee to The Golf Course
Book Review: The Putt at the End of the World
Brushing the Green with the Putter
Confidence (or lack thereof)
Chip Shot Problems
Distance Control: Feeling Gauge Method
Distance Control: Reference Putt Method
Duck Hook Problem
Effects of the Sun
Fast Greens
Green reading: allowing enough break
Grips for Putting
Grip Pressure in Putting
Hot and Cold Putter
Jumping Putts Mystery
Long Uphill Putts: a possible case of the yips?
Marking the Ball To Help Aim and Alignment--Like Tiger
Mental Game: Same Swing in Practice as in Play
Mickelson and Lessons from the 2002 TPC
The Most Important Shot in Golf
Movie Review: Miracle on the 17th Green
Movie Review: The Legend of Bagger Vance
Natural Golf and "natural" putting
Nerves: Panic and Choking Under Pressure
Odyssey 2-Ball Putter
Par for Putting: How many should one require?
Places to Play that are cool: 3 Canadian Rockies courses
Plumb Bob: Theory, Problems, and Application
Pulling Putts where Ball is above Feet
Pulling Short Putts
Putting Routine and Marking the Ball
Putting Routine Used by Tiger Woods
Putting, Why So Important?
Ryder Cup
Seams on and Balance of Golf Balls
Short Putts
Short Putts, Part 2
Short Game Swing and Full Swing Basics for Beginners
Straight Line Putting Stroke
Swing Basics
Tempo in Putting
Three Putt
Tiger Woods
Tiger Woods, Part 2 -- the 2000 U.S. Open
Tiger Woods, Part 3 -- the 2000 British Open
Tiger Woods, Part 4 -- the 2000 PGA and Summary of the Year
Tiger Woods, Part 5 -- the 2001 Masters: Learning From a Tiny Tiger Mistake
Women Golfers
Yips and Choking: Not the Same!
Yips: A Tale of Woe

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