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Dear Readers,
Dr. Putt has received many nice thank-you notes for advice he has given. Printed below are a few of the nicer ones. Not printed are those which contained words inappropriate for family audiences.

Dear Dr. Putt,
Thank you for your help RE: super fast greens. A Nubbins putter, Hi-spin ball, and shorter backstroke helped considerably. Made two birdies today. Also had two 15 footers straight up hill that rolled up, looked in the hole, and rolled straight back past me and off the green...did get them thru the windmills tho. Guess I'll have to learn to make the uphillers everytime. Thanks again, Van McIntosh Troy, NC
[see letter on "Fast Greens"]

Dr. Putt,
I am very impressed with your suggestions along with your knowledge of the history of golf instruction. My friend, Bob, spends hours on the range as is but I think if he tries some of your tips he should be fine. He already is super long and I've helped his putting quite a bit over time so if he straightens out his drives I could be in trouble...just in case I obtained literature on some welding schools for my girls....
Thankful in Boulder.
[see letter on "Duck Hook Problems"]

Dr. Putt,
I actually "rolled" several into my little putt returner thingy on the carpet and the new technique worked quite nicely. You're right, with the ball more forward, I can see the line and the hole. It just felt a lot better. Now, if I could only decide which one of my five putters works best! Too bad I don't live in Florida doc, I'd take the new technique out for a test drive today. Toronto greens are a little white this time of year.
thanks again,
Curtis Dufresne
[see letter on "Brushing the Green with the Putter"]

Dr. Putt,
I wrote recently and you gave me some invaluable advice on the short game. You also helped with my driving. I still slice a bit on occasion, but most of my drives are now staying on the fairway. Your advice has accelerated my learning curve immensely. Before I wrote you, I was hoping to shoot a 45 ( 9 holes). I had shot a couple of 48's. This past weekend after applying your advice, I holed my first two birdies ever and shot rounds of 41 and 40. In less than a week you have changed my goal from bogeying the course to parring the course. Thank you for your help Dr. Putt, I am still working on the last advice you gave so no new questions this time.
Thankfully yours,
[see letter on "Short Game Swing and Full Swing Basics for Beginners"]

Thank-you for the thank-yous!!

Dr. Putt