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Tiger Woods

Dear Dr. Putt:
How about that Tiger Woods? We know he hits it farther than nearly anyone and is usually pretty accurate. How would you evaluate his putting?
Tiger Fan

My Dear TF:
Much has been written about Tiger Woods' remarkable record- winning performance. He is certainly the most efficacious player to enter golf since Jack Nickalus. Whether he can remain focused and continue his most impressive performance remains to be seen.

But let Dr. Putt move on to Mr. Woods' putting. Let us first consider his first major win, the 1997 Masters. Perhaps most remarkable was his putting performance on a course with greens that roll like contoured asphalt (which bears no relationship to bikini wax, just in case you wondered). Tiger played the tournament without a 3 putt. That was arguably the best individual putting performance of the year.

Tiger's putting seemed to fail him later in the year. One of his problems was a forward press that he added to his stroke for a while. By pressing his hands forward he was realigning his putter face to the right of the hole. The result was a tendency to push putts to the right. His putting improved when he went back to the one piece take-away.

Mr. Woods' performances in subsequent Masters were less stellar primarily because of less consistency. His latest major win, the last major tournament of the century (for those who mistakenly do not count 2000 as in the twentieth century), the 1999 PGA, was less the result of consistent putting than dropping key putts when required. Perhaps Tiger has learned that golf is not all that easy. But count Dr. Putt as a Tiger fan as well. Dr. Putt's only advice to young Mr. Tiger Woods is to keep his stroke as simple as possible. If he can do this, he has an excellent chance of setting the standard for the twenty-first century, even if that is yet a year away. He certainly set the standard for the last year leading with a "19."
Dr. Putt

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Tiger Woods