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Women Golfers

Dear Dr. Putt: What special advice do you have for women golfers in putting?
Warmly yours, CS

Dear Ms. CS:
Dr. Putt's readers may think that your letter presents an opportunity to engage in a bit of levity at the expense of the ladies. Dr. Putt's mother did not rear a foolish son. Moreover, Dr. Putt trusts that this is not a trick question. Hence, he will give your inquiry the serious consideration it deserves. The first point one should make is the geometry and physics of the putt are the same for both genders. Once one has determined the proper line and speed, the idea is to strike the ball slightly on the upswing with the putter blade perpendicular to the intended line so as to propel the ball at the proper speed along that line. Nothing in the physical characteristics of women increases the difficulty of putting. If one executes the stroke by tilting the shoulders, as Dr. Putt prescribes, then even the most buxom of ladies will have no trouble in proper execution.

On the green both genders are truly equal because strength is not the issue. The issues are imagination, creativity, spatial perception, and, of course, proper execution. Dr. Putt would argue that although popular stereotypes of each gender might suggest that one gender has advantages over the other in some of these areas, in fact the variation within each gender is far greater than variation between the two genders.

The only "special" advice Dr. Putt would offer is an observation about equipment. Make sure that your putter fits your body size. If you are under about 5' 6" you will almost certainly require that the shaft be cut down so that your arms can comfortably hang down and grasp the grip of the putter while your eyes are over the line of the putt. That is critical. The weight of the putter is not a major issue.

Dr. Putt will not venture any further, lest he stray into territory that will place him out of the good graces of Mrs. Dr. Putt.

Warmly yours,
Dr. Putt

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