Revolutionary New Golf Grip for Putting

A sound golf grip for putting is essential for a good golf score. A collegiate golf coach and college professor developed a new putting grip that is guaranteed to save you strokes--at no risk! This revolutionary new grip makes the putter feel like an extension of your arm while maintaining feel of the club in your fingers. It places your eyes over the line and slightly behind the ball so that you can follow Harvey Penick's advice to line putts up from the rear. This innovative way of holding the putter is part of an integrated putting system that comes with a putting device that unlike other devices, can be used in both practice and play. You can even ask questions to "Dear Dr. Putt" about all aspects of putting, including your own grip. You can find more information about this new putting grip at Dr. Putt. Dr. Putt will answer all emails about your own putting grip, providing sage and serious advice with a light touch, based on his experience as a college golf coach and instructor.

To read other emails that he has answered, including a letter about putting grips, visit golf instruction from Dear Dr. Putt, where you may find that your putting be improved.

Dr. Putt would remind all players that while the golf grip you use for full strokes is designed to allow the wrists to cock and uncock freely, any good putting grip should minimize wrist movement. This has been a major change in putting in the last 25 years. Putting used to involve a lot of hand action. The result was having to use the small muscles in the hands in high tension situations--and these muscles are the first to too freeze up when one feels tension. Have you ever tried to write neatly with a pen when your hands are tense? Today putting is accomplished with the large muscles in the shoulders and back, muscles that are less likely to be affected by tension. The key for any grip is to maintain feel of the putterhead while minimizing hand and wrist action. That is precisely what this new grip can do for you!

So to learn more about this new putting grip -- before you miss any more putts or make any more unnecessary strokes, have Dr. Putt make a house call to your house!

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