Golf Putters can be improved rather than replaced!

golf putters? Your golf putter may not need to be replaced if it is not performing up to par. If you have a cavity backed golf putter or heel and toe weighted club like the Ping Anser type golf putter, an amazing patented insert can enable you to improve your aim and see the putting line like you never have before. This patented training aid and playing aid can be used on any golf putter that has a cavity back or flat area behing the face. You can find more about this insert at the Eyes Over the Ball (EOB) site. Moreover, this device was sent to the USGA for review and was given a specific ruling. A description can be seen at the EOB USGA rulings site.

One of the most important things in putting is ensuring that your eyes are directly over the line where your golf putter strikes the ball. The EOB golf putter insert has a built-in sighting device which ensures that your eyes are directly over the proper line every time. Consistent placement of the eyes over the line of the putt will enable you to putt with any golf putter more consistently.

If you want to be consistent with any golf putter, you have to follow a strict putting routine that help line up the putt and then putt it along the line with the proper amount of force. The book that accompanies the EOB putting device, Five Steps to Better Putting carefully describes a precise putting routine that is based on sound and fundamental principles of putting.

A complete on-line personalized putting advice column supports the entire package--advice personalized to your needs when you need it. How many instructional products can make that claim? Check out the valuable and free information that is already on line which can help anyone's putting at golf putter and golf Q&A from Dr. Putt. In this column, written by a former collegiate golf coach and instructor who is also an award winning college professor and social scientist who specializes in research methods, very serious personalized putting advice is written with a light touch. Readers of Miss Manners will recognize the style. The important point is that the consumer can ask very specific questions and get specific answers about how to best use the training and playing aid. Moreover, consumers can share insights with each other about how the EOB device and system can improve your score. And lower scores is what we all want!

So remember that you can improve the golf putter you already have by using an insert that helps you aim it where you want it and then putt it where you aimed it.

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