Golf Putters are the most important club in your bag! Even for Tiger Woods!

golf putters? No matter how good you are as a player, the most important club in your bag is your golf putter. Even Tiger Woods required 34 putts in his final round of 69 in winning the 2000 British Open--nearly half his strokes! You will use no other golf club nearly as many times as you use your putter. This is why so many pros have many putters they use from week to week.

Sometimes you can modify your existing golf putter to make it into, in effect, a new club. You can add weight on the heel and toe with lead tape. If you want the balance to remain the same, make sure that you add equal amounts equal distance from the "sweet spot." Incidentally, one inch of heavy duty lead tape equals about 1 gram of weight.

Alternatively, you can modify your putter by reshafting it. Ideally, you want a shaft that places the sweet spot of the putter face plumb with your eyes, so that your eyes are over the putting line. If you are pushing putts, an off-set shaft can be a good correction, just like an offset driver can help with slices.

The entire feel of the golf putter can be changed with a new grip. Larger grips can reduce the tendency to putt with your hands--something that is to be avoided in the modern approach to putting. Grips with a flat surface in top can help to align the thumbs consistently. But make sure that the grip is positioned correctly--misaligned grips can really hurt your putting!

You can also modify your golf putter to help with aim and alignment. Depending on what kind of putter it is, inserts can be added that improve your putting game. These inserts can visually improve a golf putter without the expense of a new club and without losing the comfortable feel of a familiar club. Learn more about how an insert can save you the cost of a new club at the modify your golf putter site.

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So before you go out an pay $100 or $200 or more for a new golf putter, remember that you can modify your existing club by reweighting it, reshafting it, putting on a new grip, or adding an insert that helps you aim it where you want it and then putt it where you aimed it.

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