golf putting aids

The golf market is filled with many golf putting aids ranging from the obvious to the bizzare. The best golf putting aids can be used in actual play as well as in practice.

The problem with many golf putting aids is that they can be used ONLY on the practice green. When you go on the course, things look entirely different when standing over the golf ball. That promotes uncertainty and indecision. You want neither of these emotions when you need to sink a putt!

The best golf putting aids will help you do two things. One, they help you more accurately aim the ball. That is, according to Dave Pelz, the first order of business in putting. If you can't aim accurately, then all else is a matter of chance. Second, good putting aids should also give you visual feedback on the path of the putter throughout the stroke. The goal here should be a straight-line path as opposed to an arc. Why? A straight-line path in on-line throughout the putting stroke, while an arc is only on-line the moment it is tangent to the line of aim. That introduces another potential source of error. Putting is hard enough without adding unnecessary additional sources of error!

Suppose you buy a golf putting aid and it does not seem to be working? Whom do you ask for help? A good golf putting aid will be backed up by service and personalized help after the sale -- quickly! And, of course, complete satisfaction should be guaranteed.

Only one golf putting aid on the market meets all these requirements. To learn more about it, click here, before you miss any more putts you could have made!

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golf putting aids