golf putting training aids that can be used in actual play

While most golf putting training aids can only be used in practice, only a very few can be used in actual play as well. The consumer should be careful to find out if they conform with USGA Rules. Most reputable producers will have submitted their products for review and will have obtained an official USGA ruling. One such golf putting training aid that can be used in actual play is the EOB aiming and alignment device for putting. It can be found at a separate golf putting training aids site. The EOB aid was sent to the USGA for review and was given a specific ruling. A description can be seen at the of that EOB golf putting training aids USGA ruling site.

Another feature that consumers should look for is support for any golf putting training aids they purchase. Does the company provide a way to ask questions about the golf putting training aid? Will it provide service on golf putting training aids after the sale? Dr. Putt is a new company that provides complete and free personalized support by way of the Dear Dr. Putt advice column. In this column, written by a former collegiate golf coach and instructor who is also an award winning college professor and social scientist who specializes in research methods, very serious personalized putting advice is written with a light touch. Readers of Miss Manners will recognize the style. The important point is that the consumer can ask very specific questions and get specific answers about how to best use the golf putting training aid. Moreover, consumers can share insights with each other about how the EOB golf putting training aid can be used to improve putting. And improved putting is what we all want!

So remember to look for golf putting training aids that can be used in actual play and conform with USGA rules by actual rulings, not just the word of the company. And look for service following the sale. Otherwise you may find that you have wasted your money on golf putting training aids that are only good for practice, and you may get yourself disqualified!

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