golf putting training aids

The golf market is filled with many golf putting training aids ranging from the obvious to the bizzare. One only has to read comic strips to see how golfers become the butt of jokes in their almost desperate quest to find that magic formula to improve their games. Can you buy a better game of golf through golf putting training aids? An excellent question!

In one way the answer is yes. We might call this the "expensive running shoes" syndrome. We want to stay in shape but do not quite have the will power to keep to a regular exercise schedule. So in buying an expensive pair of running shoes we feel we must run in order not to have wasted our money. Unfortunatley, this effect is not very long lasting, for soon the shoes become old and we feel that we may have gotten our money's worth. And we stop running. So how does one avoid this dead end? One could buy a new pair every month or so. But in the world of golf putting training aids, this could lead one to abandon one aid that could work for another before it has any really positive effect.

The best way is first of all, choose an aid that can really work. And then choose one that can be used in actual play, so that one will not abandon it on the practice tee. Click here to see what one needs to know about using an aid that can be used in actual play. Or click here to see an aid that CAN be used in actual play .

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golf putting training aids