Golf Training Aids that can be used in actual play

Only some golf training aids can be used in actual play. The consumer should beware. Do not simply take the word of the company selling the device. Most reputable producers will have submitted their golf training aids for an official USGA review. They should provide the actual USGA ruling number. One such golf training aid is the EOB aiming and alignment device for putting. It can be found at a separate golf training aids site. The USGA ruling can be seen at the of that EOB golf training aid USGA ruling site.

Support is another important feature for golf training aids. Can you ask questions about the golf training aid? Is there service after the sale? Is that service free to the consumer? Dr. Putt is a new company that provides complete and free support by way of the Dear Dr. Putt advice column. Moreover, creative consumers, who are always thinking of new ways to use things, can share their unique insights about new uses of the golf training device.

So remember to look for golf training aids that can be used in actual play and conform with USGA rules. And look for service following the sale.

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