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putting instruction is often far too general. The serious player requuires help that can be applied to his or her particular situation. You can find the help YOU need at Dr. Putt. Dr. Putt will answer all emails about your putting problems, providing sage and serious advice with a light touch, based on his experience as a college golf coach and instructor.

To read other emails that he has answered, visit putting instruction from Dear Dr. Putt, where you may find that your particular question has already been answered.

Dr. Putt specializes in putting, but he provides help on all aspects of the game. Feel free to use an alias if you want to remain anonymous -- many people use rather interesting names -- to the amusement of Dr. Putt and his readers. Golf is fun (or it should be) and even learning should have a fun element to it. If you do not want your letter posted, just say so!

Many books and magazines make putting too complicated. Putting involves only three elements. (1) Judging speed and direction -- the really creative part of putting. (2) Lining up so you are aimed along the intended line. (3) Putting along the intended line with the intended distance. While the player should learn from mistakes, too many players make major changes in the stroke after misses that are no fault of the player. Missing to the left or right can be a matter of misreading the direction of the putt or misaligning or poor execution or stroking it too hard or soft or just the rub of the green. How can you tell if you hve a problem? That's just the kind of question that Dr. Putt can answer!

So to have your questions about putting answered -- before you waste any more strokes, have Dr. Putt make a house call to your house!

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